Helge Dorsch

Masterclass Buenos Aires June 2017

Marianela Tucci:
Thank you for two full days of beautiful music and wisdom!

Hernán Vuga:
It was the best Masterclass I have ever experienced. Thank you!

Luis de Gyldenfeldt:
Thank you for this great work. Long live music and Masterclasses such as these, that have so wonderfully motivated us.

Leandro Gauna:
An excellent experience, in which I learned a great deal in a beautiful overall atmosphere.

Pablo Vanella:
Helge Dorsch is an excellent Master teacher. Many Heartfelt thanks.

Romina Jofré:
Thank you for this wonderful Masterclass where I learned so much, and I thank you for the time we had together on the path to true music!

Alejandro Schijman:
It was fantastic to work with Prof. Dorsch! We all want to hear more from him very soon.

Malva Celestino:
An experience that won't be soon forgotten. Thank you Maestro for all your help.
I will try to remember all your words and will continue to work on the basis of this technique exactly as you have taught them.