Helge Dorsch
Kachalova str. 24, Moscow


Translation from Russian

Dear Mr. Dorsch,

For all of us and for the orchestra it was a great pleasure to work with you. In spite of the fact that we met for the first time, we had a feeling that we had known each other long ago and understand each other very well.

The concert whish took place on October 31. 1998 in the Grand Conservatory Hall with the Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra was sold out and caused big success with the demanding Moscow public. The strict and at the same time agitated Beethoven's "Leonora", the passionate, full of incredible number of nuances Brams's symphony No. 4., found a lively response with the public. The public warmly and sincerely listened to each of the piece you performed, You conducted the accompaniment of Beethoven's concerto No 3 very accurately and with big inspiration;
you merged with the tempo and interpretation with the Russian musician Vadim Rujenko, who played the concert wonderfully.

Your relations with the orchestra musician should also be mentioned. From the first steps of your work you managed to find the right attitude to the orchestra musicians. Your remarks and requests were always so accurate and at the same time tactful wish immediately caused respect with the musicians to your person and then during the concert it helped to get this wonderful result.

We hope that this meeting with you, with your art as a conductor, will not be the only one and that we shall have musical artistic plans and success, and the Moscow public will have an opportunity to listen to new wonderful concerts.

Please accept our congratulations and warmest wishes,

Chalachov Alexei A.

Katsnelson Mikhail N.

Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra